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The Mule

The Mule is a brand new addition to our lineup. This is our first acoustic electric and it completely changes the possibilities for the every day player, or the professional musician. The Mule is available as a full parlour style or a single cut. The Mule comes standard as a full hollow body, fully electric/ fully acoustic guitar. This is made possible by an onboard acoustic preamp and full stereo wiring. You can flip the toggle to full electric and change between your neck, middle, and bridge magnetic pickups like a standard guitar. Then you can put the toggle to full acoustic and a under bridge acoustic pickup, combined with under saddle piezo pickups give you beautiful acoustic tones. Then in the middle position, you can blend any level of acoustic and magnetic pickup sounds for an unlimited range of tones. A stereo jack also comes standard, allowing you to run to two separate amps (acoustic/ electric) for perfect live playing.

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